Active@ Data CD/DVD Burner

Active@ Data CD/DVD Burner 2.1

Active@ CD/DVD Burner allows burning onto a CD, DVD, HD DVD, BR and others

The Active@ CD/DVD Burner is a downloadable software that allows supported files to be burned onto a CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, HD DVD the Blu-Ray Disc and many other recordable items supported by the computer in use. The idea behind the software is to allow consumers the ability to save their data onto a disc that may be used with an external form of entertainment such as, a CD Player, DVD Player, HD DVD Player, Blu-Ray Disc Player, XBox etc.

The function is saving computer files and/or videos, pictures etc onto a source that may be utilized in a device other than the computer. One of the impressive functions of the software is the error check (it may be found and controlled from the settings menu). Consumers are encouraged to make use of this function. Many times when burning discs the task is automatically stopped due to errors in the file. By running the error check prior to completing the burn process, time may be saved.

Some of the new functions supported in this version are that Unicode characters are supported and the ease of completing the burning tasks from the command line.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Recognizes Unicode characters


  • Not as user friendly as other burners
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